A man’s value lies in his ability to give and not in his ability to receive.
Albert Einstein

Your consultant PASCAL LEGRAIN

With more than 35 years of experience in restaurants with Michelin stars and in luxury
hotels company around the world where I held several positons of management, direction,
creation and projects development.

18 years on different continents , during which I have had the opportunity to manage and
transmit to my team from different cultures my passion for the hospitality.

An entrepreneur at heart and always aware of the budgetary and economic challenges
faced by each owner, creator and investor, I always commit myself with conviction and
professionalism in each consultant assignment.

A state of mind where rigour, demand and satisfaction remain my first priorities.

Passionate and pragmatic, I need to feel that every mission resonates with my values to
provide the useful and effective solutions expected from each client.

I attach great importance to trust, respect and confidentiality.

Some references

Intervention, development and support in France and abroad

 Resto France Expert

Since April 2023 - HORECA Conseil has joined the Resto France Experts group, recognized in the projects and realization of hotels and restaurants in France and abroad. United by a code of excellence and shared values.