Consulting and support

Regardless of which category, there is no tourism-related establishment which is immune to difficulties during its operation.

With time and events, the initial economic model may no longer be adapted to the market or quite simply less profitable given certain parameters, such as a stagnant level of services, less efficient employees, aging facilities, unsuitable strategies, insufficient supplies or simply a higher experience and expectation of the customer to the offered services.

Management has become more and more complex. Staff shortage, higher wages, profitability, market development, different consumption patterns.

Do not only define objectives to be reached, surpass them, an essential axis of performance in order to project oneself over time.

For these many reasons, HORECA Conseil is expert in its field of activity and also supports you in your project with a strategic and professional vision for a common ambition.

Taking a decision was never this easy


HORECA Conseil offers more than 30 years of experience in high-end catering and luxury hotels, which 18 years of them abroad.

HORECA Conseil provides you personalized and quality service, an innovative philosophy and keeps up on the trends and expectations of the customer base.
Whether you are an investor, professional, creator or buyer, in France or abroad, we support you in your project, whether it is short, medium or long term.

Our goal is to offer you solutions and creative resolutions for each situation.
Provoke opportunities, rethink, create and imagine new concepts and successful business models while remaining very close to the customer’s expectations.
Solutions, control and optimization of the results are performance indicators.

HORECA Conseil is beyond a service provider.
Consulting is involved as a partner who strives to share with its clients the expertise, attention and knowledge they need to achieve their goal.

A simple and effective partnership with a single interlocutor for a common goal.